Bioluminescent dinoflagellates are photosynthetic single celled organisms. They live in slightly diluted sea water. Two to four hours after dark, they will illuminate when disturbed, with a beautiful and intense blue light. I received a colony from BioCurious in Sunnyvale, CA, where they hold an open meeting to all interested in bioluminescence every Monday evening. The evening I visited, the group was working on optimizing media for the dinoflagellates, as they don't fix their own nitrogen. A variety of fertilizers were being tried.

From BioCurious lab notebook, undated:

DIY Dino Media

7 bottles,
150mL salt water
+50mL dino culture ("L" culture from bucket(

C: 2 drop Micro Algae Grow
(1 drop of water ~50uL, 2 drops ~100uL)

MG: MiracleGro Liquid Houseplant Food
(MG1: 75uL, MG2: 150uL)

AP: MiracleGro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food
(AP1: 75uL, AP2: 150uL)
1g in 200mL

FF: Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-H
2Tbsp./Gal. = 30mL, 7.5mL/L
750uL in 100mL H2O
(FF1: 75uL, FF2: 150uL)